Sm. Kerosene Stove ~ Stand/Table

Sm. Kerosene Stove ~ Stand/Table
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  • Item #: 622
  • Manufacturer: Perfection Stove Company
From the 1930's, this little kerosene stove would make a great entry hall table with a glass top, a plant stand, or decorative storage. It is surprisingly small and lightweight, made of enameled steel.

The two burners are brass, with steel sleeves that go on top with little doors made with mica windows--used for lighting the stove and to monitor the flame. Mica is a mineral similar to quartz, that can be split into translucent sheets--used before heat resistant glass.

Mounted upside down on the side is the glass kerosene reservoir jar, that feeds kerosene to the burners. This has a lot of detail, but is removable. The glass jar and the top two grates have the manufacturer's markings: "Perfection Stove Company Cleveland, OH--and are trade marked and patented. The stove also has a long list of patent numbers on the side. It is in great shape and unusually complete.

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  • Size: 24" L x 18" W x 36" H
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Price $450.00